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Lump-Sum Program Services

Over the past six years, OnePoint Solutions has helped our clients manage nearly 2000 domestic & international transfers.  

Our relocation clients seek to create a program that provides financial and service support, while encouraging their transferees to take responsibility for managing the costs associated with their relocation.  They also require ease of administration, cost containment, and tax compliance. 

OnePoint has changed how lump sum, direct reimbursement and core flex relocation policies are administered.  We have a deep understanding of just how different these types of policies are to deploy and manage, and how it affects all stakeholders.  It has shaped our entire approach - how and why we do what we do - to ensure that our clients’ programs will be successful.


We will devote ourselves to:

  • Creating an implementation plan, to ensure successful program deployment and ongoing administration.

  • Serving your transferees with G.R.A.C.E – Guidance, Resources, Advocacy, Choices, and Expertise.

  • Working with vetted partners - yours or ours - who offer a variety of services in a range of prices.

  • Offering a process that lends greater insight into transferees’ spending, in order to support exception decisions, and future policy discussions.

  • Providing a technology platform that gives your transferees the tools that will facilitate and enhance the relocation experience without loosing a critical service - high-touch counseling.


At OnePoint, we look at things differently – from how we view our clients, their transferees, our staff and our suppliers, to how we deliver our services. One of our industry’s biggest challenges is to maintain a personal touch, while continuing to take advantage of technological advances.  Self-serve technologies abound, but OnePoint has never believed that this is how best to serve these families.

It’s very easy to get caught up with technology, and forget that transferees need personal, individualized attention. At the same time, we acknowledge that technology can create efficiencies, and access to information.  Where appropriate, and where it serves our clients best, we offer our own proprietary relocation platform,   Learn more...

For The Transferee

Employee Counseling and Service Referral Management
This one service alone sets us apart from all other providers!  Our counselors are proactive.  They reach out to the transferee, listen, evaluate, recommend and then take action. 

Throughout the relocation, the counselor stays in touch with the transferee, the suppliers and key stakeholders, to ensure that the relocation is moving along as smoothly as possible.  They are also there to provide advocacy, if needed.

 Home Finding Assistance
OnePoint will contact a real estate broker from within our network who will assign an agent from their team of certified relocation agents to work with the transferee.  The transferee will receive a cash-back rebate from OnePoint.

 Home Sale Assistance
For transferees selling their home, OnePoint will contact two listing real estate brokers from within our network.  The transferee will then have the opportunity to select the agent they wish to work with.  The transferee will receive a cash-back rebate from OnePoint.

Rental Assistance / Area Orientation
OnePoint can utilize our network of real estate brokers to assign a rental tour agent.  We will pay the broker and then invoice the company for the expense.

Hotel Search Resource
Transferees can take advantage of our corporate discounts at over 34,000 hotels across the US, by accessing them through our web site.

Mortgage Services
OnePoint has partnered with lenders who offer special rates and greatly reduced closing costs to the transferee.  Our lenders can also handle international transferees who wish to purchase a home in the US, but have no US credit.  

Household Goods Coordination and Move Management
OnePoint provides access to full-service professional movers, container and trailer movers, and truck rental and auto-shipping companies.  Discounts are offered directly to transferees who wish to manage their own move.  OnePoint can also make arrangements for direct billing from the mover to the company.    

For Our Corporate Clients

Policy Consulting
OnePoint has keen insights into the unique behaviors and needs of families being relocated under a lump sum policy.  We understand how to construct a policy that supports out clients' objectives, and takes into consideration human behavior. 

Program Planning and Implementation
This is where the rubber meets the road, and one of the most critical steps in delivering a successful lump-sum program. We will work with your team to create internal processes that help you avoid the common mistakes that many companies and RMCs make in implementing their programs.                                   

Expense Management
In support of direct reimbursement policies, OnePoint will provide relocation cost and activity tracking to ensure compliance with the terms of our clients' policies. We will coordinate and audit relocation expense reports, then forward approved reports to the company for reimbursement. We will provide all tax gross-up calculations, and end-of-year reporting.

Move Management
If needed, OnePoint will review and approve HHGs move estimates prior to authorizing the booking of any move, and review and approve HHGs invoices to ensure that both are compliant with the policy.  We will forward approved invoices to the client for payment. 

International Assignments

OnePoint can assist assignees who are moving internationally with the following services:

  1. US home sale and purchase

  2. US lending

  3. Rental, area tours, settling-in and departure services

  4. Temporary housing

  5. Hotel stays

  6. Household goods moving services

  7. School placement