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Creating solutions for today’s most pressing relocation challenges by thinking creatively and focusing on the needs of our clients.

Services Overview

OnePoint provides relocation support through a network of vetted service partners, extending rebates and discounts, all of which are delivered by our knowledgeable and caring relocation counselors.  We assist any employee moving in your organization. 

Our services are ideally suited to support transferees who are getting a lump sum, direct reimbursement or core-flex relocation benefit.  We also extend this great service to employees moving on their own, across town or across the country, retirees and folks who are taking an inter-company transfer, but not getting relocation benefits, and for those who are being laid off.



Lump-Sum Program

OnePoint knows the combination that unlocks the challenges of delivering a meaningful and supportive lump sum program, and transforms it into into viable, cost-effective, and IRS compliant program, while creating governance and accountability, and controlling costs. 

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Employee Discount Program

By offering our employee discount program as an employee benefit, your organization can give all of your employees access to our high-touch services, cashback rewards, and discounted relocation services - even if they are moving on their own!

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Custom Relocation Web Sites

We have developed a unique technology platform that delivers a highly customizable relocation portal that can be accessed any time by transferees and employees who need real estate and relocation assistance.

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